Pub & Bar Lighting? Ask Any Old Lights!


Our latest pub lighting project saw us working with the really lovely Carpenters Arms in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith, London W6. It’s a proper little on-street boozer/gastropub, alive with history, that won a Time Out Best Local award last year. (Just down the road is where the Conservative MP Stephen Milligan met his end – though the less said about that, the better.)

The owner contacted us, wanting proper vintage pub lighting, and with his eye on our Essex hoard of 1950s Benjamin pendants with their original glass. Settling on the giant 19-inch version – serious vintage lighting, uber-rare – he needed his six lights “yesterday”.

Even we can’t go back in time, but we could expedite the order. His bar pendant lights winged their way from Cornwall to London with an Overnight Pre-10am courier and were hanging above the Carpenters Arms bar by end-of-play. So delighted was our client that he ordered a seventh giant Benjamin, which received the same red-carpet treatment.

We were texted the smartphone snap you see displayed here – which took our breath away. The pub benefits from big windows and plenty of daylight, so during daylight hours our seven giant pub lights are effectively purely decorative. Come dusk, they’ll take on the roles of ambient lighting (above the seating area) and task lighting (above the bar). And beautifully, powerfully so.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a commercial renovation, we’re a mine of pub and bar lighting ideas. If we don’t already stock the bar lights you’re after, we always have shipments of new stock on their way, and we can even get custom lighting made for you, at amazingly reasonable rates. So do ask us – we’d be delighted to advise.

(We’ve been asked to stress that the photograph displayed here was taken during the renovation work, and that polished professional pics are on their way, once the final builder has departed. Frankly, we think the place looks amazing even during the renovation!)

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