Ship’s Clock – Vintage XXWide Double-Sided Round Seiko Polished Steel

£190.00 (inc VAT)

Round double-sided versions of our always popular vintage ships’ clocks, which would have been used on board cargo ships, dating generally from the late 1980s. They are increasingly hard to find.

This vintage extra-extra-wide Seiko version is our largest round ship’s clock – a proper barrel! – and has been stripped of paint and polished.

These are statement timepieces with genuine seafaring backstories, in very good condition though there will be some wear and tear given their original use.

Originally powered by on-board electrical generators which are incompatible with domestic systems, both defunct mechanisms have been replaced by quartz battery-powered versions taking one AA battery each. Batteries are included.

Each weighs 2 Kg, 19 cm diameter, 18 cm wide, protruding 25 cm from the wall; backplate 18 x 11 cm. Four holes in the backplate allow attachment to your wall with screws.

Grab yours while you still can!

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