Vintage Copper & Brass Double Masthead Starboard Ship’s Lantern

£324.00 (inc VAT)

The port and starboard versions of our vintage ship lanterns are always eagerly sought after – matching pairs, especialy so. We are always trying to source them, which is never easy.

So we were very happy to come across a very limited run of port (red light) and starboard (green) double masthead lights, in copper and brass.

These have alll been reclaimed from working ships, stripped and polished. Each will exhibit some wear and tear, in line with their use at sea, and the patina of the metal varies with each one. These are not pristine specimens – they tell a story.

This starboard version features the original double glass green fresnel lenses, which are increasingly rare.

The electrical workings are accessed via the top copper lid, and from underneath. The dimensions are: 43 cm tall and 23 cm diameter.

Each has been fully electrically refurbished, with two new E27 screw-in light bulb fittings, and wired with brown three-core vintage-style woven flex, switch and plug.

[More photos to come…]

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