Vintage Large Brass & Steel Ship’s Cargo Light on Heavy Teak Tripod

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These (very) large vintage brass & steel cargo lights are maritime design classics. We’ve had many pass through our doors, but supplies are now worryingly low. This is probably our last batch.

At sea, these cargo lights used to hide their glory beneath layers of paint, which we’ve stripped away to reveal the stunning metals.

The brass rear and pivot sections are solid and provide the light’s weight and stability. The heavy brass base is removed to affix to the tripod (using the base we create these stunning, unique giant light bulb table lamps).

A true statement piece, which we mount on our exclusive heavy teak tripod, created in the design of a vintage surveyor’s tripod.

Comes will all attachments, wired with 2m of vintage-style grey flex, switch and plug. The light alone stands nearly two feet tall, 48 cm long, lens-front 36 cm diameter. We add a bulb adapter so a standard E27 screw-in bulb will fit, including our highly suited XXL filament lightbulb (see options).

Note: shipment arrives late March. Purchase now to reserve yours and we will ship to you early April.

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