Vintage Italian Gilnavi Brass Ship’s Engine Order Telegraph

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This stunning – and large – vintage ship’s engine order telegraph is made by Gilnavi of Genova in Italy.

It features double faces and brass handles and measures 115 cm tall (excluding handles) and the width face-to-face is 36 cm.

We’ve included a photograph of this telegraph in its original condition, to prove its originality and so you can witness the incredible polishing work. Originally painted silver with orange handles, it now gleams!

A neat little touch is that this was clearly used on an English-speaking ship, as the Italian printed face – Tutta, Mezza, Adage (Full, Half, Slow) – has been translated into English on the glass in marker pen, only adding to the seafaring back-story.

In terms of weight, we don’t have scales that would be able to take this! However we’d estimate the weight at around 70 Kg. (We will discuss shipping with the buyer, and provide a quote, depending upon their location and desired method.)

A real rarity, brass ships’ telegraphs are extremely hard to source, and this is a beautiful example of one.

Read all about engine order telegraphs in our blog post here.

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