Vintage Green Crossland 11.5″ Parabolic Wall Light

£222.00 £198.00 (inc VAT)

We’ve just had a decent run (16) of this vintage wall light come in.

These parabolic Crossland steel shades, 11.5 inches in diameter –  have been attached to a 90-degree steel arm with wall sconce, for easy attachment to your wall.

We’ve cleaned each one up and stripped and polished the once black-painted steel arm – with stunning results! We also managed to refurbish the original ceramic B22 bayonet fittings, which remain in excellent condition.

These old parabolic wall lights are increasingly hard to source, so catch one or more of these while you can. They’d look great along any wall of the house and are ideal for task lighting pictures and the like.

Dimensions: tbc.

15 in stock

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