Exclusive Vintage Mounted Brass Fresnel Lamp – “The Lighthouse”

£850.00 (inc VAT)

** May 2019 – We have finally sourced hideously rare replacement glass for a brass 360˙ fresnel lens lamp, to create what is extremely likely to be our last ever Lighthouse. We will use our heavy teak tripod – back in stock mid-May – not the aluminium version pictured, which we have discontinued. Ready to ship late-May. Pre-order now to secure!

We dreamed this idea up during winter 2015, overlooking the Cornish coast on a starry night, and it’s taken six months to track down just the right original ship’s light to make it happen. Finally, here it is: The Lighthouse.

Of all our vintage maritime lights – and there are many! – this is perhaps the statement lighting piece. It would be a focal point: it would draw the eye and elicit the “Wow”. Be that in a restaurant, hotel foyer or office, or within the domestic lounge or hallway.

Let’s deconstruct the Lighthouse itself. The light is at least 60 years old and rare. It’s a 360-degree clear fresnel lens, in thick old glass, set above and below in solid brass. These are held together by six vertical threaded brass rods spaced equidistantly around the cylindrical lens, tightened using brass wing-nuts. The brass would have been painted on-board ship; we have stripped and polished this to a high finish.

A hefty piece, it reeks of quality and age, measuring 30cm high and 25cm in diameter. Inside is a single E27 fitting, wired to 2m of vintage-style flex, switch and plug.

We have then fitted this vintage nautical light atop one of our top-of-the-range, custom-made cast-aluminium surveyor’s tripods.

As alternative, we can also attach the light to our heavy teak surveyor’s tripod. (Sorry, currently out of stock.)

You will not find The Lighthouse anywhere else in the world. Already they are becoming scattered around the globe. Don’t miss out on yours!


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