Giant Vintage Grey Benjamin Pendant Light With Original Convex Glass

£300.00 (inc VAT)

Following many hours of work and TLC we are ready to launch our first of the Essex factory vintage Benjamin RLM Reflector pendants with glass on the website.

This is the largest pattern, and a heck of a find for us. These are the largest Benjamin pendants in existence – a full 20 inches in diameter -€“ and they all came with intact custom-made convex glass. We have an incredible matching run of 13 available, which we have refurbished to our exacting specifications. Perfect for a unique restaurant fit-out -€“ it’s highly unlikely anyone could ever match this lighting.

The enamel is in extremely good condition, given its age (the interior, in particular, having been protected from the elements by the glass), the only noticeable wear on some of the lights being around the rim.

You can read the story of these vintage lights from source to refurbishment to shop in four parts in our Blog, starting here.

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