Polished Aluminium & Fibreglass Nautical Wind Anemometer

£480.00 (inc VAT)

It’s so beautiful and streamlined, we just had to. Now purely a decorative piece, this would originally have been used to measure wind speed in a nautical setting.

Made by the renowned Osaka Nunotani Seiki company of Korea, we’ve stripped it of the original paint and polished it to this stunning finish.

The metallic sections are aluminium, with brass detailing. The large light blue-green tail fin is fibreglass and very light. Although the propellor section may look weighty, if you even blow gently on it, the propellor spins – it’s that responsive.

The base has holes for fixing, a box containing the original transmitter electrics and a brass manufacturer’s plate.

This plate details the manufacturer, date of manufacture (2009), equipment title (Transmitter Wind Indicator), type (4P1) and the Measuring Range (2-60 metres per second).

It’s a sizeable piece: 68 cm long and 75 cm to its tallest point.

Picture it mounted in a garden, or as a sculpture inside the house. Guaranteed to catch the eye.

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