Large Vintage Aluminium Ship’s Pillar Light (or Table Lamp)

£222.00 £198.00 (inc VAT)

There’s something architectural about this vintage ship light. For a start, it’s large – wait till you see the extra-large version – which makes it imposing. Then add the design features: the shallow fins, the hexagonally-topped cage, the rocket-like shape and the ribbed glass. All in sleek cast aluminium.

These would make seriously eye-catching pillar lights, as a one-off or in a row. We can also transform it into a unique table lamp for you, wiring with vintage-style grey flex, switch and plug (add £20 + VAT).

The electrical fittings have been fully refurbished, to take a standard E27 screw-in lightbulb, up to 60W, or (recommended) any LED wattage. Dimensions: 36 cm tall, 18 cm wide at widest point.

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