Giant E27 Edison Screw Squirrel Cage 8W LED Lightbulb

£54.00 (inc VAT)

The mother of all lightbulbs! We’ve started stocking these XXL lightbulbs as they are perfect for our Extra Large and Large Steel & Brass Fox Lights.

This is a G200 gold glass lightbulb with a standard-size E27 screw fitting giving 8W of power (equivalent to 60W of traditional lightbulbs, approximately 800 lumens). They are dimmable.

Dimensions: 20 cm width, 29 cm height.

The traditional filament version of these lightbulbs was prone to damage – these LED versions with metal holders are far sturdier. Each bulb is packaged in shaped polystyrene and boxed.

These XXL bulbs are discounted to £33.33 VAT when purchased with a cargo light.

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