Combination Port & Starboard Steel Ship’s Lantern

£270.00 (inc VAT)

These gorgeous combination port and starboard lamps were used on smaller vessels, fishermen’s boats and similar, as navigation lights.

This is an original oil lamp – see the photograph of the interior with copper oil burner – which was originally painted red and green, on the requisite sides of the lamp. The paint has been stripped off and the metal polished. We were very happy to have secured a very limited number as these are scarce.

Brass beading holds the red and green lenses in place. On the rear is a door to access the innards, with brass hinges and copper catch. A brass manufacturer’s plate on the front reads: ACDL IMPROVED CONSTRUCTION LAUNCH LAMP. (Launch as in smaller water craft.)

Excluding the handle, the lamp is 31 cm tall, 15 cm wide and 16 cm deep.

Please contact us if you would like one wired for electrics for a modest extra charge.

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