Polished Brass, Aluminium & Fibreglass Nautical Wind Anemometer

£600.00 (inc VAT)

Having previously managed to source the aluminium version of this exquisite artefact, we’re especially delighted to now be able to offer the predominantly brass version. The Premier League of wind anemometers, if you will.

The same impressive dimensions as its aluminium counterpart, this is distinctly heavier and its tail is sky blue rather than pale green. The casting is laced with imperfections, exhibiting its nautical roots.

The metal areas would have been originally painted, which we have stripped and polished. Despite the overall weight, the propellor is sensitive enough to turn if you blow on it.

There are no maker’s marks nor dates, but we’re confident these wind anemometers are of Korean manufacture and just short of “vintage” (20 years old).

Of little practical application, of course, the overwhelming appeal is the design: these are rare nautical sculptures.

Dimensions: 70 cm long, 77 cm to highest point.

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