Any Old Lights Exclusives – What’s Next?

Vintagetriangularships'double sidedclock

Slowly but surely we are building up a very popular range of Any Old Lights Exclusives.

Next off the drawing board is not a light, but our most sought-after ships’ clock: the vintage triangular double-sided ship’s clock.

We’ve had over 100 of the originals through our doors, primarily stripped and polished but also a few with the original paint. They required a great deal of refurbishment, from the stripping out of the defunct on-board electrical mechanisms, to polishing and general repair due to previous wear and tear. And, boy, was that original glass a killer to ship. And now, the supply has dried up.

Luckily we sent one of our final batch off to our metalworking experts and our exclusive copy – try telling it from the original – is almost ready.

Our incoming sample run includes ten in an unpainted steel finish, retaining some of the patina of the vintage originals, five powder-coated white and five powder-coated in the classic light blue-green traditionally used on board ships. If you’d like to be notified when these come in – around late July – register using the Subscribe to Waitlist box here. We already have several names on this waiting list.

Where the vintage originals sold for £175, our Any Old Lights Exclusive version will retail at just £95. And you get a lot of (double) clock for your money – the triangular sides are each practically a foot long.

And remember, as with all Any Old Lights Exclusives – you won’t find these anywhere else!

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