Exclusive New Ship’s Pendant Light

Exclusive cast aluminium maritime ceiling light with steel shade

We have added to our exclusive range of perfectly copied vintage marine lights. These cast aluminium caged nautical pendant lights went out of stock many moons ago, and you can no longer find the original lights for love nor money.

Luckily we sold one to a Fowey local and were able to borrow it back for a while, to have it copied.

The styling is sleek and simple, with ribbed detailing, and a wide steel shade. One metre of woven elephant grey flex adds to the vintage touch and each light comes supplied with 1m of steel chain and a ceiling hook, so you’re good to go.

The standard E27 light bulb fitting is enclosed within a clear glass dome. Use an LED filament light bulb and you can have any brightness you desire, from 8W (equivalent to 40W traditional, around 450 lumens of brightness) to 18W (100W equivalent, circa 1600 lumens).

So a domestic lounge could be illuminated using a number of low-wattage pendants, or a restaurant, say, could use a higher wattage pendant above a booth.

The best news is that these ships lights cost just £80 + VAT, so you can afford to use a few, very effectively, and they would be perfect for commercial lighting.

And they’re exclusive to us at Any Old Lights, so you won’t find them anywhere else in the world!

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