Vintage nautical & industrial lighting doesn’t come cheap, hence our Revivals range. We offer top-quality cast-metals versions of vintage lighting that would otherwise cost two or three times as much.

Still we are always trying to find ways to lower our prices further, for lower-end budgets, and our latest developed lights do just that. We’ve created a smaller cast-aluminium round bulkhead, with flat not curved glass, that takes an E27 globe light bulb (grab an LED for maximum brightness).

Pictured is an early casting of the cross-cage version; we have also created a bullseye pattern. Both will exhibit a polished aluminium finish. We have 20 of each arriving at the end of this week, along with a restock of various Revivals lights, including our classic oval bulkheads, copper round bulkheads and assorted passageway lights.

Our budget cast-aluminium Revivals bulkheads will sell for just £49.50 inc VAT.

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