Mole Richardson 410 on Vintage Tripod Arrives


We do love getting vintage theatre lights back from the polisher. The before/after shots are usually a revelation.

This stunning Mole Richardson 410 vintage theatrical spotlight was painted black, as was its vintage tripod, and though the pairing looked suitably imposing, the Wow Factor wasn’t really there.

Now it is!

This is a monster of a light and very rare. You can see how it dwarfs the usually hefty-looking telegraph in the main photograph.

Not shown in the photographs are the barn doors we also had stripped and polished, to cap it all off. We’ve also still to refurbish the electrics for domestic use.

We’ll be adding this combo to the website shortly, but if you’re interested now, the MR410 + vintage tripod + vintage barn doors, all professionally polished will be £2500 inc VAT. Get in touch!

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