Introducing Our Revolutionary RetroFutures Range

Any Old Lights RetroFutures teaser

We’ve been squirrelled away for nearly a year now, perfecting what we see as the future of bar, restaurant and domestic lighting: Any Old Lights’ RetroFutures range.

We’re launching the range at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show at Excel in London on 25 & 26 September (click that link to get your free tickets). But for now, a sneak preview and a little background on how this all started.

“Can you 3D-print a version of our vintage ship lights?”

That’s how it all began, asked of a local tech whizz and designer, back in late 2017.

So we started with our Revivals Lemar pendant light, pictured left – itself based on a vintage original wall light – and after many months and prototype iterations, we ended up with the RetroFutures acrylic light pictured right.

Along the way we dispensed with, at various stages, the chain, the hook and even the light bulb.

This RetroFutures Cage pattern runs off 12V, using an LED ring found in car headlights, so it’s super-economical to run and eco-friendly, as well as lightweight. And dimmable.

Equally exciting, they will work both indoors and outdoors, either hanging as pendant lights or fixed upside down in soil, when they will act as a garden uplighter.

That’s it for now. We’ll be teasing more images – plenty more to come! – in the days leading up to the Restaurant & Bar Design Show.

If you’re interested in our RetroFutures range, please register here.

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