Fowey Food Week 7-14 March


Planning to come and  see our vintage lighting shop in Fowey? If you’re a foodie, a great time to visit would be March, to enjoy Fowey Food Week 2020. The first Food Week last year was great fun – the theme being ‘Eat your way around the world without leaving Fowey’ you got the chance to sample dishes from Mexico, Japan, Sweden, Morocco, to name but a few. Local chefs love the opportunity to try out new dishes and over 20 venues – including restaurants, cafes and pubs in in Fowey, Polruan and Bodinnick – joined in.

This year is set to be more exciting. With three new restaurants in town – Bufala, Fitzroy and the soon to be open Appletons – there’s going to be even more choice for diners. (If you love Fitzroy watch out for their  “seafood shed” venture, North Street Kitchen, due to open on 7th March.)

The Safe Harbour – our favourite quiz venue! – has been the first to announce they have chosen … Cuba!

This is what you need to know about Fowey Food Week 2020

  • Saturday 7th to Saturday 14th March.

  • “Eat your way around the world”

  • Printed passports for collecting stamps at each visit.

  • Passport will also include details of venue, country of choice and  a map.

  • All passports with more than 3 stamps enter a raffle with great prizes

  • Venues can offer as many dishes from their chosen country as they like  using set price points of £10 or £5 per head.

Last year other non-food businesses also joined in with deals, discounts and offers, anything goes! For example last year Cindy Ashbridge offered a free wedding ring polishing service while you ate lunch.

And here at Any Old Lights we hope to be joining in too, with an international flavour all of our own!

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