Pictured is our eminently collectible antique 12-bolt Korean diving helmet. Dating from the early twentieth century, these helmets are identifiable by their characteristic crowned top and lack of the telephone facility present in the majority of later models. Genuine helmets such as this are much sought after and therefore, naturally, there are fakes out there. Here are three tips to help the uninitiated separate the wheat from the chaff.

1. Genuine helmets are HEAVY, generally a minimum of 20 kilograms.
2. The glass will be THICK, as it is designed to withstand pressure, think at least a centimetre.
3. The inlets and outlets should go through to the interior of the helmet (testable by blowing down them, if there’s a blockage chances are it’s dodgy.)

I hope the foregoing helps anyone interested in entering the sometimes murky waters of diving helmet acquisition.

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