What Clive Can’t Do With a Tripod…

Our in-house engineer and tech wizard, Clive, is an old-school chap who works in a boiler suit surrounded by lathes and proper, solid machinery. There’s precious little he can’t turn his hands to, engineering-wise.

For instance, recently we had a customer who wanted to convert on of our custom teak surveyor’s tripods into a standard lamp, complete with shade.

Clive took a quick look at the tripod, analysed its existing attachment and ins and outs (for the electrical flex) and came up with a chrome E27 screw-in light bulb fitting with shade ring. This he elevated above the tripod top (to allow room for the shade) using an aluminium rod. The rod, he worked and shaped on his lathe.

The fitting was wired to 3m of vintage-style grey flex, switch and plug, and ran down through the tripod’s central stem.

The end result is for all to see in this post’s feature image. (Forgive the in-shop photo.) This shows the legs at the lowest point – the central portion of each leg can be slid down to almost double that height.

Our customer’s response? “Absolutely spot on!”

Any vintage marine searchlight, spotlight, fox light, cargo light – whatever we buy, or call it – and no matter what its fittings, Clive can attach it to any of our tripods. We love Clive, in a platonic way.

Any Old Lights are here to please. If you need anything altered/customised/created – ask us!

(And we’ll ask Clive.)

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