Fowey Regatta 2019 – Busy Busy Busy

Haunt the Woods

As if the uncertainties of Brexit weren’t nightmare enough for we small businesses, someone lobbed in the summer holidays on top.

It’s rare at the moment that I can sit at my computer without a small child requesting I play something, or while one clambers over my knee demanding to spot the letter S on my keyboard.

Plus I’ve been very busy helping to organise this year’s Fowey Regatta, as one of a too-small number of volunteers on the committee.

I’ve personally taken on the role of booking the live music and am very proud of this year’s mix.

Sunday night (18 August) we have a stunning harmony-filled double bill of Haunt the Woods (pictured) supported by Raikes, in our Fowey Regatta Fundraiser gig – set among the formidable acoustics of Fowey Church. Promises to be a very special night. Tickets are £10 online or £12 on the door on the night.

Monday night, I’m particularly proud of instigating: Best New Cornish Bands Night, curated by Cornwall Live’s esteemed Arts critic, Lee Trewhela. This year he’s picked out L I P S and O’Deus, the former dreamy indie and the latter nearer grunge. Some distance apart in sound, but united in their homeland and their rising stars.

Tuesday night is more of a hoedown, starring the wonderful Black Friday – think Pogues – and Wednesday night we hand over to Fowey’s own DJ Zorro, for his Lord of Misrule Carnival Party.

Thursday’s headliners are The Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys, a cracking Cornish Queen tribute act. I’m no great fan of Queen, but even I’m looking forward to that one – feasibly the biggest night of the week, given the response on social media.

Friday we welcome the only band not from Cornwall – London’s The Irregulars, ska kings who regularly play Camden’s Dublin Castle, where Madness themselves started their illustrious career.

And we close with a massive fireworks display bookended by sets from the sublime Not The Beatles, playing all the hits and more.

Then I might be able to get back to my desk.

Do come along during Regatta if you’re around Fowey way – it’ll be fabulous (provided the rains don’t plummet down) – and drop by our shop at 14 Lostwithiel Street. Take home some lovely vintage lights to remember your stay!


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