Revivals Launch – Budget Bullseye & Crosshair Bulkhead Lights

Bulkheadwalllightslaunch RevivalsBullseye&Crosshair

Our latest own-brand Revivals lighting has just hit the website and we think you’ll love it.

Created to be priced as low as possible, our new Bullseye and Crosshead bulkhead lights retain the same high quality that is our byword. These lights don’t “Dink” to the tap, they “Donk!”

Inspired by vintage bulkhead designs, one features a bullseye cage, the other a crosshair cage. The top section is cast aluminium and the lower section, containing the light bulb holder and wiring, is spun aluminium (though it looks like steel).

Three steel screws around the circumference are removed to access the workings. You’ll find a ceramic E27 light bulb fitting, ideal for a golf ball or small glove LED bulb (of any wattage), live, neutral and earth wires, as well as three rubber pads.

The wires are to be pushed through a hole in the centre of the base, to be attached to your mains wires from your wall. The rubber pads are pressed into the three screw holes in the base, at the back, and you can screw through them into your wall to affix the light.

Our Bullseye and Crosshair bulkheads feature flat glass – cheaper than the domed in our other Revivals bulkheads – to protect the electrics.

Both measure 18 cm diameter and 7 cm deep – and they’re just £50 (inc VAT) each.

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