Big changes are afoot for Any Old Lights in 2016. In the New Year we will be expanding. Our colleague Phil Tyson aka ‘Tipper’ is ceasing trading as ‘Tippers Treasures’ in order to specialise in buying and selling vinyl records. We wish him luck in his new venture. He is retaining his same phone number: 07813 819194. As a result of this we will be taking over the entirety of the ground floor of 9 South Street which will allow us to showcase a wider range of items.

9 South Street is one of the oldest buildings in Fowey, dating back at least to the earlier part of the 15th century. The building is first mentioned as a merchant’s house. It later became a hostelry for Pilgrims bound for the continent, as evidenced by its rare pair of Garde-Robes. Garde-robes were primitive medieval ‘long drop’ toilets, so called because people often kept their clothes in them, as apparently the smell deterred fleas and other cloth eating insects. Nice. More literally, Garderobe also translates as ‘cloakroom’ in a number of European languages. Best to check first.

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