Introducing Any Old Lights’ Revivals Range

Any Old Lights contemporary vintage Revival range launches

As our range of exclusive own-brand contemporary vintage lighting continued to grow, we knew we had to come up with a suitable name for it.

It’s taken a while, but with the help of branding experts from Oxford Innovation, we’ve finally hit on the perfect name: Revivals.

Because it’s precisely what we do: we revive the most striking patterns of vintage industrial and nautical lighting that have disappeared from circulation, ensuring they are around for many more years to come. And we add our own touches to ensure you’re buying a light that exudes top quality, classic design and can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

At Any Old Lights we don’t focus on current lighting fads that will become dated within months – our lighting is created for the long term. Classic designs that will suit any environment, that simply wow forever.

Our latest additions to the Revivals range are a contemporary vintage steel scissor lamp – a snip (forgive the pun) at under £100 – and an oval Art Deco-style aluminium bulkhead that perfectly complements the round version previously launched.

We have more, very exciting plans for Revivals in the pipeline. In fact so exciting that we’re keeping very, very schtum for now.

Watch this space!

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