A Ship’s Bell is for Life

vintage ship's bell received for Christmas

Last summer we were contacted by a customer (hello, Tim!) who wanted a very special surprise Christmas present for his wife (hi, Debs!). He wanted a proper large vintage brass ship’s bell.

And we made it happen. We contacted a few of our trusted suppliers, found the ideal bell, stipulated the customer’s request that it not be polished, and had it flown directly to him from the supplier.

Debs is pictured on Christmas Day, with said bell – and look at the joy on that face! It’s moments like that, we strive for.

The point here is not that you should give your partner a very large bell every Christmas. No. It’s that we at Any Old Lights love a challenge, thrive on personal service, and can source all sorts of weird and wonderful nautical curios to order.

Ask us. We have contacts around the globe. You want a certain type of vintage light? A ship’s compass made by Sestrel? You like this but want it that colour?

We can help. A local ex-naval chap once asked us to source an antique rum pump for him. No problem!

Should you want to give your partner an old ship’s bell for Christmas, it just so happens that we’ve had a small run of five arrive last week. All very large and weighty, three from named vessels, dating from 1973 to 1996.

Whatever you’re after – let us know.

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